Social Media

“If you need someone who knows how to promote your business and its goals through social media then look no further – Robert is your man. Despite being on the other side of the South West, Robert’s work on Linked In and Twitter communicated Business Link South West’s activities and interests to the people of North Devon. Robert really understands social media and the applications they can have for business and social enterprise. Seek him out!”

James Hellyer – Principal at Accountancy Edge

“I greatly enjoyed working with Rob whilst he was at Peninsula Enterprise. His knowledge of and enthusiasm about social media was very valuable to us and he significantly helped us progress our initiatives in this area. I would happily work with him again in these areas should the opportunity arise.”

Adam Chambers – Chief Executive at Peninsula Enterprise

“You know Robert Pickstone? You have the opportunity to work with him? The subject at hand is Social Media? Relax! You are so lucky to be working with one of the nicest, competent and professional Subject Matter Experts to be found. Enjoy the experience!!”

Roger Cashmore – Business Adviser at Peninsula Enterprise

“Robert’s knowledge and networks are immense. A breath of fresh air in the business world, he takes time to obtain a detailed understanding of your needs and helps to start you off on a realistic footing. Robert gave me advice about how to develop a community blog site for my local area. This led me to join up with a local community website and develop a pilot for my area so that is a truly community led site. Not what I was planning at all. Just brilliant!”

Alison Hernandez – Improvement Consultant at The Universal Improvement Company

“Every MP should have a visit from Rob! Rob brings with him a wealth of knowledge, not only of the mechanics of social media, but also the concept and history. His approach allowed us to really explore the potential for investing in social media in this organisation. Not only was his presentation informative and fun, but his material pointed us at discussion. He is skilful at explaining in simple terms how it all works, in context and for all users and includes relevant background and examples. He is friendly, accommodating and really knows his stuff!”

Oliver Colvile MP and Staff

“I attended a Social Media seminar that Rob had organised. He organised a great event. I admire Rob for sticking his neck out and being a voice for the Social Media community – and warning others about this huge change in the way we do business on the web – especially when there are many other people and businesses knocking it.”

Nathanial Davis – Managing Director at Tee Design and Printing Ltd

“Rob is an energetic thinker about social media, its role and how it can be implemented to good effect. His contribution to both RANDOM and the intellectual think tank ThinkLAB has been tremendous. Always managing to cut through the jargon and offer inspiring thoughts on topics such as collaboration, social networking and marketing”

Ann Holman – Owner at Ann Holman Company

“In my dealings with Rob I have always found him to be calm and precise in his planning and execution. He is always on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly and takes time to go over the details and feedback accordingly. Perhaps most impressively, and what I believe sets Rob apart, is his own love of marketing and Social Media. He is an excellent communicator and understands at a very practical level how to develop and implement a Social Media strategy within an organisation.”

Aren Grimshaw – Social Media Consultant at Aren Grimshaw

“Rob was one of the lead organisers of Plymouth Twestival Global 2010, a charity fundraising event organised entirely by volunteers. His endless enthusiasm for the project, organisational skills and marketing knowledge really helped make the night a success. He was incredibly dedicated and always full of ideas. He also never lost sight of the main objective – raising money for charity. Thanks Rob!”

Katy Creates – Acting Press Officer at ShelterBox

Marketing and Events

“Together we successfully sourced the Business Link ‘start-up’ branding. I have no doubts Rob will be a great success, he would be an asset to any business (although I feel he may become an ‘entrepreneur’ himself). I recently visited his new blog and twitter page, I was extremely impressed. Robert Pickstone the corporate brand has officially been launched, and it looks fantastic.”

Nicola Morgan – Communications Manager at NHS Devon

“I worked with Rob to produce a series of short films for Business Link South West. I was instantly impressed by Rob’s personable approach and enthusiasm. Rob was an invaluable asset on the filming day itself and I would highly recommend working with him as he is creative, professional, reliable and passionate with a great sense of humour.”

Robbie Hill – Owner at Hill Tribe Media

“Rob was a great pleasure to work with – conscientious, proactive, positive and knowledgeable. He takes a broad perspective on projects and is adept at working cross-functionally within large organisations and forming good business relationships with suppliers and partners.”

Rachel Cheetham – Chair – Portsmouth Club at The Business League

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