Geek, Guru or God?

If you…

Build Circles

Tweet the world

Facebook your friends

Act professionally on LinkedIn

Check into places


Have a virtual share value

Answer questions on Quora

Own a YouTube Channel

Message people instantly

Hang out in videochats

Share your presentations on Slideshare

Share your photos on Flickr

Get turned on by infographics

Attend webinars

Subscribe to many blogs

Answer emails on your mac

And reply to texts on your smartphone

…then you’re probably a geek. If you also…

Attend prestigious social media events

Produce results

And network with the right crowd

…then you’re probably a guru. If you also…

Eat properly

Sleep properly

Exercise properly

And retain real-life social skills

…then you’re probably God (with a high Klout score to prove it)


That’s the way I see it. Do you see it differently? ;-)

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  • Charliesaidthat

    Love it. 
    And Hits The Nail On The Head.

  • Nibby

    Hahaha, good work :-)

  • Robert Pickstone

    Thanks Goddess of the Westcountry ;-)

  • Robert Pickstone

    Thanks Charlie. I actually think less people want to be God than they did a year or two ago. Many have got fed up with trying or have seen the light.

  • Charliesaidthat

    Yeah. I run my own company I think the ideal is to become “God” as you put it. I don’t think its a healthy or long term sustainable plan, *but* the weeks you switch off and unplug are still the most joyous. 

    Go figure.

  • haydens30

    A classic thought-provoking post Mr Pickstone. I think that a lot of your readers will identify with the geek description and some might with the Guru one. But we’re probably all guilty at some point of spending too long online in Social Media, rather than looking after oursleves (or loved ones).
    If anyone can do everything you state all the time, then they do deserve worship. Until then… I’ll get back to the infographics. :-)

  • Robert Pickstone

    Not healthy at all but you’re not on your knees just yet. Plus running a company at your age is bloody awesome. As Seth puts it “you don’t need more time, you just need to decide”. I’ll see you at Likeminds, or TechMap, or some other event soon ;-)

  • Robert Pickstone

    I was wandering if anyone would pick up on the infographics statement.

    To be active in all of these places, produce results and maintain a healthy lifestyle, well, it takes some doing. At the moment, I see many people are trying to be active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. They must be getting less sleep than I do. I think if they stopped trying to be active everywhere and really focused in on fewer places, they would find results easier to come by, possibly freeing up more time for the important things in life.

    I also think that some readers will view my “types” in different ways, depending on their use of social media. To some, it will make perfect sense. To others, it will be perceived in a completely different way. As soon as I wrote this post, I thought that there may be a mix of reactions depending on personal circumstances!
    Thanks for popping by Hayden.

  • Jason Stanley

    It’s very interesting, I’m certainly a geek but I feel I’m trying to push to be a guru. The odd thing is I didn’t realise how much all of this consumes me (my brain mostly) until I read this list.

    I just spent 12 days in Sicily and I’d say during that time kept to a minimum of social media activity, when I returned I got this feeling of pressure as if I almost had to start again or rebuild my connectivity and fit myself into all my networks again. It can be hard work sometimes (also rewarding) but I’ve realised the need to detach myself from the networks or ‘recharge’ the batteries.

    Still, pretty happy being the geek that I am. :)

  • Robert Pickstone

    I love hearing your views Jason. You’re right. It does consume our brains. These activites can play a major role in our lifestyles and become habit. It can go too far though which is exactly what my first ever blog post was about: social media addiction!

    I’m slightly jealous of your 12 day break in Sicily (I still hope you had a good time!). I recently went about 3 days without using social media and the break did me good. It allowed me to spend some quality time with friends. By the Sunday evening, I too was playing catch up.

    Next time I’m in Plymouth, lets organise a few beers through Twitter, but when we get to the pub, no phones allowed ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I read the tags, that might make me a geek before I even look at your list! lol!
    I think you’re missing one true sign of the god though, commenting on people’s posts!
    other opinions are available!

  • Robert Pickstone

    Ha ha! I think you are the only person who read the tags! You’re definitely a geek Phil.

    Finding the time to leave comments on other people’s work, share views and engage in conversations, well that earns a badge (I’ll message you my postal address shortly).

  • Mazher Abidi

    Nice post Robert!

    Given I exhibit parts of geek, guru and Godlike behaviour, perhaps I’m jut a flawed holy spirit?!

  • Mazher Abidi

    As I exhibit parts of geek, guru and Godlike behaviour, maybe I’m a flawed holy spirit?

  • Robert Pickstone

    You just brake the code! My pretty little categories were so watertight too ;-)

  • Claire Bryden

    Like your list, but a little unnerved – how do we do all that & still have time to do work etc?

  • Robert Pickstone

    The list may assume that social media forms some part of your daily job. If not, then you would need to be something greater than God – maybe Neo from The Matrix?

  • glendashawley

    No he’s not! I read the tags too does that make me a geek too?

  • Robert Pickstone

    It definitely does! ;-)